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We provide a new approach to producing sales receipts. By eliminating the use of paper receipts with a more convenient action of transferring the receipts to the day-to-day customer (digital). Our product will reduce/eliminate the heavy amount of BPA-coated thermal paper used in retail stores by integrating it with their existing POS systems. The day-to-day customers will be introduced to a new era of receiving and storing store receipts. With just a wave of their smartphones on our tap receipt product, the store will be able to provide them with a more simple and illustrative receipt that is stored and accessed by smartphones. In addition, we will be storing and organizing the data from both sides on a cloud which is useful for all parties (consumer and merchant). The merchant can access this data to improve products and marketing to put the customers at the center of their business. Customers can access this data for expense tracking. Benefits for a day-to-day shopper: Easy transfer of purchase receipts to your phone Replaces thermal paper receipts Secure storage and management of receipts for returns and exchanges Cloud storage of all purchase receipts that will not compromise the user’s phone storage Simple and intuitive expense tracking Benefits for retailers: Replace the hassle of storing and managing your sale receipts for accounting of the cash flow Easy product exchanges Cloud expense tracking software that receives data in real-time No scanning of receipts and invoices Access to customer-centric data to improve marketing strategies for your company and evaluation of ROI Although technology is advancing, the receipt industry is yet to implement them to reduce the heavy dependency on thermal papers which are coated with a harmful chemical called BPA. Easy receipt solves that problem with an NFC (Near Field Communication) gadget that integrates with the existing POS systems at the retail stores to send you your purchase receipt to the Easy Receipt phone application with a tap by the Easy Receipt gadget.
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