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As a former educator in a variety of areas I have seen education from many angles. That plus, I have two children in the current NB system. Spending over 20 years educating students and adults I found that the system is flawed in many ways. I am looking to take my knowledge, work experience and vision and make a change to this. Below is a brief idea obout BoostEdu. Our belief is simple, EVERY student deserves to know success and have the support they desire to achieve their goals as they need it, when they need it. Our priority is to start filling in the gaps that COVID has put a spotlight on. These gaps may have always been present but due to how the system has been working the last year and a half they have become even more apparent. As a virtually based company, we have the ability to provide highly qualified support wherever and whenever it is convenient for the student/parent, guardian. We offer a wide variety of services with the intent of making the support accessible to as many households as possible, regardless of such things as socioeconomic situation or geographic location. BoostEdu is based in New Brunswick and is purely focused on helping New Brunswick students obtain their academic goals. We provide services for every course in the New Brunswick Anglophone and Francophone districts.
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