Blockchain Developer

Elumicate Inc.
Moncton or Remote
June 30, 2022

The Elumicate Network is fully decentralized and owned by all who participate, yet owned by no single entity. Utilizing advanced technologies, the network’s purpose is to capture real world events and digitize them into the form of data that can then be accessed with ease. A token model is used to encourage and reward participants for their efforts. The token can be converted into data credits in order to gain access to the accumulated data. This creates a loop where the work put in to accumulate the data is rewarded with tokens that can then be used to gain access to the accumulated data. Token owners may transfer their holdings to allow others to gain access to the network’s data if they choose. With a strong focus on security and anonymity, the network employs a governance model that ensures relevant decisions are voted upon by its participants who are also the owners. The network holds immense potential beyond it’s initial purpose of tracking traffic. Elumicate seeks to enable an increased quality of life by allowing solutions that will deliver benefits such as cleaner air, lowered traffic congestion, increased first responder response times, predictive security enhancements, and much more. We are combining cutting edge advancements in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT technologies in order to capture the behavioral data that will become the building blocks needed to inform, influence, and empower future innovation in the public space, and ultimately, provide an enhanced quality of life.

Role Summary: 

We are looking for a highly capable blockchain developer to design, implement, and distribute a secure blockchain-based network. You will be analyzing our blockchain needs, designing customized blockchain technologies, and launching and maintaining our blockchain network. To ensure success as a blockchain developer, you should possess extensive knowledge of programming languages used for blockchain development and experience in cryptography. An outstanding blockchain developer will be someone whose expertise translates into secure, fast, and efficient digital transactions. Responsibilities Collaborating with managers to determine blockchain technology needs and envisaged functionalities. Creating application features and interfaces by using programming languages and writing multithreaded codes. Applying the latest cryptology techniques to protect digital transaction data against cyberattacks and information hacks. Maintaining client and server-side applications. Optimizing and securing blockchain applications by integrating new tools and technologies. Educating sales personnel on blockchain features that allow secure digital payments. Documenting blockchain development processes and complying with best practices in data protection. Keeping up with current blockchain technologies and cryptography methods. Qualifications and Experience Bachelor’s degree in information security, computer science, or related. At least 2 years of experience as a blockchain developer. Advanced proficiency in programming languages, such as C++, Java, and Python. Extensive experience in back-end development, algorithms, and data structures. Knowledge of cryptography and blockchain protocols. In-depth knowledge of best practices in blockchain management and data protection. Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills. Superb organizational skills and keen attention to detail. Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.

More Details about the job:

Additional Information We stand full-heartedly behind the meaning of togetherness. The team works together closely on projects and values celebrating our success as a team. Perks Competitive compensation Work with very talented people who are creating the best interactive device platform in a market-disruptor sector in the field of AI. Flexible schedule What we can assure you are huge opportunities for personal and professional growth, fun times, the thrill of working with great people to create something special and the potential of achieving out-of-the-ordinary success. If these work qualities are of interest to you, apply now. Please send your resume & cover letter here to the following email addresses: ​

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Elumicate Inc.
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June 30, 2022
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